What’s Vegetarianism?! Is it healthy?!


Vegetarianism totally means avoiding to eat any kind of meat, of course sometimes vegetarians avoid eating materials like milk or any kind of dairy,egg and honey too because of its animalic origin.
There’s different kinds of vegetarians, but why?!we must seek the answer inside their point of view! Some of them believe that they can eat dairies in spite of meat, while other vegetarians don’t!but they all believe that they mustn’t use the meat of homeothermic animals!


Vegetarians are classified in 8 major groups which are:

1- Veganism: which contains mosts of vegetarians. They don’t eat any animalic materials; examples of These materials are : All kinds of meat, dairies, egg, honey, leather, silk and fur

2- Raw Veganism: these vegetarians avoid coffee, tea, alcoholic drinks and cigarettes. their dietary consists of raw salads and nuts like walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds etc.

3- Fruganism: these guys believe that herbal life is as respectful as animalic one; so they avoid eating those herbal products which cause any harm to plants as well as animalic products.

4- Ovo vegetarianism: These vegetarians don’t consume meat but they use egg

5- Lacto vegetarianism: These vegetarians use neither meat nor egg,but they use dairies.

6- Ovo-lacto vegetarianism: It’s the combination of groups 4 and 5 . They use no meat but egg and dairy

7- Semi-vegetarianism: These guys are also called (Flexitarians);they don’t use red meats but they use fish and oysters.

8- fruitarianism: These are people who use fruits as food.

Like everything, vegetarianism has its advantages and disadvantages. Its most significant benefit is that People who use less animalic products,get less cardiovascular diseases and cancers. But there’s some important disadvantages you must know; if you don’t use animalic products,you may lack of important vitamins and proteins which aren’t in herbal products like B12,D, Zinc, Calcium etc.
If you’re not a vegetarian,we advise you not to become one,but try to keep balance between animalic and herbal products because these two complete each other. In addition to,do some exercise at home. With these three,you’ll be healthy anyway!!!!

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