Protect your gastrointestinal system, avoid other disorders!

gastrointestinal system
gastrointestinal system

Protect your gastrointestinal system

Two thousand years ago, Hippocrates said that all diseases are emanated from intestine; you see?! Since then digestive system is an important thing,so we must protect this valuable gift from any kind of threats or harms. But how?! What can we do to protect this system?! By learning what causes gastrointestinal dysfunctions and how to avoid them.

gastrointestinal system
gastrointestinal system

The first thing you should learn is the valuable stuffs in digestive system. In our digestive system, there are thousands of useful and harmless bacterias. These micro creatures provide extra immunity for body by destroying harmful bacterias and also by giving us what we can’t get from other sources. So it’s logical to say “help these bacterias, save your intestinal health, live healthy!!!”


We can do lots of things in order to protect our gastrointestinal system:

1- Use organic food: Eating veggies grown up on pure soil, bring lots of those bacterias,so it helps our bodies. Organic meat is the meat of those animals which are not given antibiotics, which is harmless to those good bacterias. If you use none organic meat, which contains antibiotics,those bacterias will die!

2- put whole grains in your dietary: Fibrous foods usually are enriched with oligosaccharide (a complex carbohydrate), which helps those useful bacterias grow in your body. Examples of Fibrous foods are Kinawa,buch wheat, apple and wholemeal flour.

3- Fermented foods: These kinds of foods contains lots of microorganisms useful for digestion. Although some specialists are not completely sure about that,but most people believe that Fermented foods are useful and can help intestines work better by those microorganisms. Best examples of Fermented foods are yogurt, kefir, kombucha, kimchi, pickles,tempeh, sauerkraut etc.

4- cut off on artificial sweeteners: as well as diabetes and high blood pressure, gastrointestinal dysfunctions is one of the many consequences of using them.

5- Avoid artificial emulsifiers: These materials contains high amount of CMC, which destroy those mentioned bacterias, which its result can be intestinal inflammation. The most significant foods containing these emulsifiers, which you must avoid using them as much as you can,are chocolates, industrial ice creams, margarine, processed meat and any kind of dressing.

6- Don’t use antibiotics as candies!!!!: In addition to asthma and diabetes, digestive and gastrointestinal disorders are affected by consuming antibiotics too much. It doesn’t mean you must stop using antibiotics completely, but also you must be careful with that and always use them in case of your doctor’s saying!

7- Use dairies equiponderantly: If you don’t use any kind of dairy,you may get bone troubles etc, while using dairies too much, because of its casein, cause intestinal break down as well as abdominal spasms and tympanites. So use an average amount of dairy daily!

8- drink about eight glass of water daily: Water itself is a great miracle,so we must use this miracle. Most of the body is full of this miracle, which easily deflect harmful and toxic materials,as well as deluting gastric acids etc.
With these instructions, enjoy your life without any gastrointestinal disorders!!!

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