How to whiten dark parts of skin?

How to whiten dark parts of skin?
How to whiten dark parts of skin?

Maybe you are satisfied with your body shape but when you look at the mirror, you don’t feel good about your skin. You feel that your skin is dark. But what can you do about it? Can you whiten your dark skin? Well I’m glad to say there are many ways to solve this problem! The ways going to be mentioned,is useful for any dark skin and from head to toe,no matter how dark your skin is; believe these ways and that’s all!!

How to whiten dark parts of skin?
How to whiten dark parts of skin?

Here we go:
1. Sour lemon’s effect on dark skin: sour lemon naturally is full of vitamin C,an antioxidants which prevents early skin aging. In addition to,it has a tremendous whitening effect on skin. Start your day with sour lemon; Clean up your face with sour lime juice in order to kick the whole poisons out of your body. It can also silence skin’s irritations.

2. Sugar effect on dark skin: Maybe sugar is not good for your digestion, but I can assure you that it’s absolutely necessary and useful for you if you want to wash the darkness off your skin. Mix brown sugar and white sugar, add some water to this mixture to reach a thick liquid. Put it on your skin and rub it calmly. This will remove dead cells from your skin. After rubbing,wash your skin with Luke warm water, then touch your new soft white skin and enjoy it!!

3. Honey and dark skin: Well if sugar can make a good change to your skin, why not honey?! This liquid is full of antioxidants,it’s an anti-inflammatory miracle and it whitens dark skins.
Sometimes the reason of skin darkness is unwanted hair;so we can make a mixture which can remove the hair and clear your skin. Make a thick blend of honey and lime juice,then put it on the unwanted hair and rub; wait for 10 minutes and then wash your skin. In this mixture,lime juice whiten your skin while honey soften your skin. You can also replace lime juice with cinnamon.

4. Chocolate and dark skin: In spite of most common belief, chocolate doesn’t cause acne (sugar does!!). For this purpose, provide darkest chocolate,smash it and blend the powder with honey and oatmeal and milk. Thicken the mixture then spread it on your skin. It’s a sweet cure because you can eat while waiting it’s absorbing!!!

5. Almond and dark skin: Use almond butter continually cause great change in skin’s transparency. If you want to make almond butter yourself,smash some skinless almond and add some milk. Not only just almond butter,but also eating almond helps your skin.

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