How to vanish acne scars in a short time

vanish acne scars
Girl applying aloe gel to problematic skin with acne scars

It’s obvious that nobody likes to have a face full of acne scars. Over 80% of teenagers have acne problems. Acne itself will vanish in 3 month at most, but sometimes it can get worse so that when acnes are gone, their footprint will be still there. Now in order to fight acne scars, you must first get informed about it. Acne scar is a sign of skin damage. When pores are full of fat,dead cells or bacterias, it causes acne; if they do not go too deep in skin,it will be a simple acne with no scars, but when it goes too deep in skin,it may make a scar on skin. But don’t worry!! You can start handling this problem just right now.


vanish acne scars
vanish acne scars

1. Lime juice and acne scars: we have talked about astonishing effects of lime juice on skin because of a substance called AHA (Alpha hydroxyacetic acid) . This substance is the base for most skin care creams. Provide some fresh lime juice. If you have a sensitive skin, delute it with water. Using a piece of cotton, spread the lime juice all over your acne scars. Let it dry. Then wash your skin with pleasent cold water. Do the process once a day and you will see the effects in a short time. You must be aware that lime juice can cause dry skin, so you would better use skin humidifier to avoid the bad side effects.

2. Honey,the killer of acne disorders: honey is a great useful cure for acne scars, acne and any irritated skin. We advise you to use pure honey for better results. Put some honey on the scars for a night. Then wash your skin. Do the procedure daily to make them vanish in a short time.

3. Potato and skin care: The other good way to combat skin disorders specially acne scars. Cut a fresh and juicy potato to thin slices. Then put the slices on your skin for a few minutes, then wash your skin with Luke warm water. It’s obvious that a combination of potato and honey is more useful!!

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