How to treat eye inflammation?

eye inflammation
eye inflammation

All of us have experience it at least once; itchy and watery red eye can be a sign of eye disease, weather changing or allergy etc. It can be worrying as much as it makes your face looks bad. Red eye is usually because of swellen veins of your eyes; so it can be very critical. We’re here to see what are the reasons and what to do to avoid it.

eye inflammation
eye inflammation

Things cause red eye:

1- Direct sunlight
2- Germs like bacterias and viruses
3- Dust and dirt
4- Allergy
5- Dry weather
6- The flu or a cold
7- strikes to eyes
8- scratch on cornea

Now ways to combat the causes:

1. The easiest and simplest way is ice. Pick a pack of ice and place it on the irritated eye and hold for a minute. At most do this process twice a day; more than twice may cause more troubles.

2. Cucumber effect on red eyes: You can not imagine how helpful a slice of cucumber might be! I tell you! It’s almost like water on fire! All you need is a slice of cucumber. It can significantly reduce the irritation. Cucumber has a cool feature, which can calm swellen veins of your eyes (the usual cause of eye irritations). Put a cucumber in the refrigerator for 15 minutes,then cut it and place the slice on your inflamed eye for 30 minutes. For better result,do the instruction twice a day.

3. Rose water and itchy eyes: Did you think that you might one day put rose water on your eyes?! Sound crazy but it can be helpful as much as cucumber. What you need is a piece of cotton and rose water. Smear the cotton with rose water and put it on your eyes for 15 minutes. Better result when you do the procedure twice or three times a day.

4. Teabag and red eye: Teabag is another simple thing you can use to get rid of eye inflammation. Pick up two teabags, make them wet and put them on your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes.

Let’s talk about some oil’s miracles:

5. Coconut oil: it’s easy and convenient but it can help through a long time. Get a pure coconut oil bottle and drop two in each eye. Do the instruction twice a day.

6. Tea oil and inflamed eye: provide a few drops of tea oil,4 cup of hot water,a bowl,a clean towel. Fill the bowl with water and the oil, put the towel around your head and start fumigation.

7. Lavender oil: it’s exactly like tea oil. Do the procedure three to four times a day for 15 minutes.
In medicine it’s a principle that prevent is better than the cure.


So what can we do to avoid the possible eye inflammation?! You need 5 to do:
1- clean your make up completely before going to bed.
2- Don’t use your contact lenses too long.
3- Wash your contact lenses before using.
4- Avoid stuffs likely to hurt your eyes.
5- Wash your eyes immediately in case of external object intrance to your eyes.

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