How to get rid of loose and obese arms?

How to get rid of loose and obese arms?
How to get rid of loose and obese arms?

Everyone likes to have an attractive body; In order to reach the aim, you must exercise hard and go on a frustrating diet. After a few months you see your body’s changes. Your stomach will no longer walk a head of you!!, And you feel full of energy. But when you look at your arms, you see them fat and loose. They are still like before. Now what should you do to eliminate the extra fat of your arms? We’re here to tell you some specified ways to make your arms fit.

How to get rid of loose and obese arms?

First you must find out what are the reasons of obese arms.

The most common reasons are:

a reduction on testosterone level, lack of protein and anxiety.

Second and the last thing is to learn ways to solve this problem:

1. The easiest way to get rid of obese arms is dancing. Not only does it pep you up, but also it makes your arms lose weight. It’s the easiest way because it helps your arms lose weight while you don’t feel pain or exhaustion.

2. Dumbbell’s effect on obese arms:

If you don’t like dancing,then you can try dumbbell exercises. Pick up two dumbbells and do the following:
A. Lift them up your head
B. Fold your arms so that the dumbbells go behind your head
C. Lift it up again
Do this calmly and 60 times a day.

The other exercise you can do with them is called “kick back”. Do the following:
A. Take up two dumbbells
B. Fold your knees
C. Move your corsage forward (almost face to face with the ground)
D. Make a ‘L’ with your arms.
E. Stretch your arms backward.
Do this process 80 times a day.

The third exercise with dumbbells is called”school crasher”.do the following:
A. Recline on your back.
B. Hold the dumbbells above your chest
C. Calmly move your arms backward so that you make a ‘L’. In this situation,the dumbells are almost faced the ground. You should be aware not to put too much pressure on your wrists, cause they may sprain.
Do this procedure 15 to 20 times a day.

3. “Deep” move and obese arms:
Absolutely one of the most useful exercises for obese arms. Its an easy exercise with high arm’s muscle engaging. For this exercise, two arms and a chair are the only things you need. The chair must be at least 60 cm high. Here comes the instruction:
A. Stay two steps away from the chair.
B. Turn around so that the chair is behind you.
C. Put your palms on the chair.
D. Go up and down while your arms are your mainstay.
Do it as much as you can till your arms get weak!!

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