How to expunge double chins in a short time

double chins
double chins

A beautiful face can be ruined by a thick layer of fat. But what’s double chin and how can we send it away?
Double chin happens because of many reasons like extra fat, loose skin and even genetic problems.
Hopefully there are various ways to get rid of double chin;we mention them,you choose one,do that and then bye bye double chin!!! Before we get started, you must know that there is no scientific evidence yo prove these exercises but there have been lots of good results,so these can be profitable!

Double chins out
Double chins out

Double chins out

Do each of the exercises 10 to 15 times:

A- Jaw pulling:

1. Bow your head so you can see ceiling or sky.
2. Pull your lower jaw forward so that you can feel tension under your chin.
3. Keep pulling for 10 second.
4. Get back to normal condition.


B- Ball exercise:

1. provide a ball with a 25-centimeter diameter.
2. Put the ball under your chin.
3. Press the ball by your chin and jaw bone.
4. Press for about 25 times.


C- Wrinkle the lips:

1. Look at the ceiling while bowing your head.
2. Wrinkle your lips forward and pretend to kiss!
3. Get back to normal condition.


D- Match tongue to nose!!:

1. Look straight forward and bring your tongue out as much as possible.
2. Try to reach your tongue to nose!!!
3. Wait for 10 seconds.
4. Relax.


E- Neck pulling:

1. Bow your head again and look at ceiling.
2. Push your tongue to palate.
3. Wait for 10 seconds…
4. Let it go.

Don’t like these exercises?!! I’m glad to tell you about other ways!! If your double chin is the result of high weight,you can easily solve this problems by a proper dietary:

1- use 4 units of veggies
2- use 3 units of fruits
3- use whole grains
4- don’t use industrial foods
5-use fatless proteins like fish and chicken.
6- use healthy fats like olive oil and avocado.
7- never and never use fried foods.
8- use low fat milk and dairies.
9- cut down on sugar.


None of these┬áDouble chins out ways worked for you? Don’t worry!! You still have medical ways to eliminate this problem:

1. Lipolysis:known almost as Liposuction, it’s a popular surgery in which heat is used in order to distroy the fat under the skin while they’re using anesthetic. Side effects of the surgery are : edema,pain and bruise.
2. Mesotherapy:in this way of surgery,a kind of fat solvent is injected into skin. From 2015 , Dexico-sickle is accepted as the solvent by American health organization. In order to get rid of double chin,you need a six months therapy , with an injection each ten days. Side effects of the therapy are skin edema, bruise, pain, dullness.

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