Ways to protect our cardiovascular system

cardiovascular system
cardiovascular system

The most important part of the body after brain is heart and vascular system, while according to researchers cardiovascular disorders are the main reasons of death throughout the world. Nowadays, high blood pressure and cholesterol are two most significant reasons lead to cardiovascular disorders. Although a few people have impaired gens related to cardiovascular system, but we should be concerned about what’s in our control,not problems that we can do nothing about.

cardiovascular system
cardiovascular system

In this article, we’ll tell you what to do in order to avoid cardiovascular diseases and what to do to reduce consequences of cardiovascular dysfunctions. Here we go! Do nine, avoid five,reduce more than 80% possibility of cardiovascular diseases:

1- Quit smoking immediately.
2- Avoid alcohol.
3- Cut down on salt.
4- Exercise for about 30 minutes a day. Exercises like aerobics cause heart work harder, which in a long run, strengthen cardiovascular system.
5- Make a friendly relationship with fish, Fibrous foods, fruits and vegetables!
6- Be happy and live in moment. Anxiety is just like poison for your heart.
7- Sleep properly: Lack of sleep can damage cardiovascular system.
8- visit your doctor regularly: Even if you’re not I’ll, visit your doctor regularly to check yourself in case of any kind of heart disorders.
9- Be more careful and sensitive to cardiovascular stuffs if your family have a record of cardiovascular disorders.

Apparantly harmless but harmful to do routine habits you should avoid and be careful about:

1- Inactivity: Sitting more than 5 hours a day,can extremely threaten heart. Jobs dangerous for heart are computer computer works and taxi driving and work like that. But you can easily neutralize terrible effects of sitting by walking 5 minutes per 45 minutes sitting.
2- unable to control emotions especially anger: Anger which comes with anxiety is an important reason to cardiovascular disorders. Bad tempered persons are three times more likely to get heart diseases than normal people, because anger cause dysfunctions in heart beats. It’s advised to breathe deeply for several times in case of anger and anxiety; not only does it help your health, but also nobody gets hurt from your anger.
3- Pessimistical attitude: not only does it make your mind sick, but Also it increases possibility of cardiovascular disorders, diabetes, high blood pressure, cholesterol problems and depression.
4- Lack of sleep: It’s as harmful as stress for heart and vascular system. Lack of sleep cause disorders in secretion of cortisol and adrenaline which raise cardiovascular problems. Ways to block this threat is to sleep about 8 hours a day.
5- Oral care inattention: although it seems irrelevant but bacterias produced by Gingivitis and other oral disorders,find their way to main vessels of heart like coronary,that can make troubles for cardiovascular system.

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